Intense lyrics, bone-shattering breakdowns and riffs for days.

Insert Massacre Here is a Brooklyn-based metal band armed with a sound uniquely their own. Having first arrived on the music scene in 2009, IMH endeavored to find ideal musicians capable of expressing a wide array of emotions sustained by an eclectic mix of playing styles. After thinning the herd and reuniting long-time musical associates, IMH is now running at full capacity.

IMH’s sound is an amalgamation of various influences from the 80s and 90s era of Thrash metal. Thanks to the emergence of skilled bands of the 2000s and the longevity of classic metal bands, IMH honed an intricate style of play. The music is rooted in Thrash, but has since displayed characteristics of Hardcore, Industrial, and Groove metal. With piercing guitar resonance, thunderous bass lines and articulate drumming, Insert Massacre Here cannot be ignored or contained.

Our objective is to get people moving in every possible direction…




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